Floating Level Transmitters

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Level control float sensors and transmitters are based on the simple principle of a magnetic field triggering the closure of a reed continuous Circuit.  Magnetic float level transmitters can be applied to the chemical industry, electric power, paper making, foodstuff, environmental protection, and urban construction, etc., and used for the level measurement of sewage treatment, ground oil container, and high water tank.  With two-wire 4-20mA standard signal and local LED digital display.


Liquid Floating Level Transmitters operate on a direct, simple principle.  In most models, afloat encircling a stationary stem is equipped with powerful, permanent magnets.  As the float rises or lowers with liquid level, the magnetic field generated from within the float actuates a hermetically sealed, magnetic reed switch mounted within the stem. 

In addition, the stem of the floating-level transmitters is made of non-magnetic metals or rugged, engineered plastics.  When mounted vertically, this basic design provides a consistent accuracy of ±1/8 inch.  Continuous float level transmitters or sensors use a continuous sensor.

  • Simple structure principle, while extremely wide applications;
  • Continuous measurement, hence get liquid data reliably without influence of the physical or chemical condition of the medium, e.g. bubble/foam, conductivity rate, pressure, vacuum, temperature, evaporation, and density change.
  • Easy mounting, only necessary to calibrate before use;
  • Remote transmission signal;
  • Good repeatability; Furthermore Can measure interface, density difference ≥ 50Kg/m3
  • Temperature range: -80~100℃
  • Vacuum pressure up to10Kpa
  • Density ≥ 400Kg/m3
  • Strong anti-corrosion ability, applied for various industries: chemical, petrochemical, natural gas, pharmaceuticals, offshore exploration, shipbuilding, power generation,
    the propulsion system, machinery, water purification installation, beverage, and food industry.

If the Floating Level Transmitters do not meet your application needs, pls visit Non-Contact and Guided Radar Level Transmitters, Pressure Level Transmitters and  Ultrasonic Level transmitters.


Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 00 × 12 × 12 in

24VDC, 120VAC/220VAC


Explosion Proof (Exd), Intrinsically Safe (Exia)

Connection End

Flanged, NPT, Triclamp


Yes, No


4-20MA, SPDT

Communication Protocol



Measuring range:  300~8000mm
Accuracy:  ±1.5%FS (measuring range >1000mm)

Power supply:  24VDC(15~35V) (24V is factory default)

Power Consumption:  ≤720mW
Output:  4~20mADC two wire
Pressure:  1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa, Class150, Class 300

Medium density:  0.5~2g/cm3
Medium viscosity:  ≤0.8Pas, 3Pas
Explosion proof:  Exd IIBT1~T6

Intrinsically safe: Exd IICT1~T6

Connection Flange: HG20593-97 DN100

PN1.0, 2.5, 4.0 Male flange or on request.

Enclosure: IP65


Floating Level Transmitters


Floating Level Transmitters


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