Flow Switch

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The SRS flow switch utilizes the force of liquid flow to propel its paddle and to detect the incoming flow or movement of the existing liquid in the pipe.  In static liquid or no liquid, the spring is in expanded and presses the magnet downward.  The reed switch is normally open.

As flow occurs and the paddle is raised at an upward angle of 20 to 30 degrees, the paddle will push the magnet upward to actuate the reed switch which then closes the circuit.  The length of the paddle can be adjusted to the diameter of the pipe.


Flow SwitchVane type of Flow Switch utilizes the flow rate of water to drive the vane to test whether the liquid in the tube/vessel flows or not.  When the liquid in the tube/vessel does not flow, the spring presses the magnet and makes the vane vertical, at this moment, the spring switch has no operation, the contact point is at a “NO” state.

When the liquid flows in the tube/vessel and the flow is big enough to crash the vane.  This happens when higher to 20 to 30 degrees.  It will also happen when the eccentric strap drive above the vane pushes the magnet upward.  Also, when the suction force of the magnet makes the magnetic spring switch operate, while the contact point is connected, the length of the vane changes due to the diameter of the pipe.




The length of the vane decides the position of the operating point. Firstly, determine the length of the vane according to the pipe size and the expected position of the operating point. Make some mark on the vane and cut the vane (Users also can cut the length in a no-mark place according to specific requirements).

The plane of vane should be installed with a section of pipe in parallel and fixed on the end of the thread.

Make sure that the “FLOW” mark on the product must be parallel with the catheter when the installation is finished. (The pipe of flow circuiting must be horizontal.)

When the float switch needs to fix on the T contact, it must be enlaced.  The enlacing is with a leaking-proof belt and is locked on the end of the thread.


If you are looking for Coriolis, Turbine, Electromagnetic, Vortex, Ultrasonic Flow Meters.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 8 in

1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2"


120 / 208 VAC, 24 VDC


Explosion Proof, General Duty, Intrinsically Safe

Type of Connection

Flanged, NPT Threaded, Triclamp

QC Test Certificate

No, Yes


Flow Switch Specification Sheet



Housing Material:  Aluminum Alloy, NEMA 4 (IP65)
Operation Temp.:  -30 to 150°C (30 to 300°F)
Paddle Material:  SUS304 (Similar to 304 SS)
Operation Pressure:  355 psig
Pressure Drop Allowance:  3 psig
Set Point Tolerance:  ±25%
Repeatability Tolerance:  ±5%
Contact Capacity:  30 Watts/200 Vdc, SPDT
Max Viscosity:  200 SSU or 43 centistokes



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